ProBond Max Wood Glue

ProBond Max Wood Filler

The Strongest Wood Glue

Sandable. Stainable. Remarkable.

Elmer’s wood glue and wood filler products make do-it-yourself projects and repair work easy. We have a variety of wood glue products designed with the project you have in mind.

ProBond Max Wood Glue is our most advanced formula yet.Need to fill a hole or gap? Elmer’s ProBond Max Wood Filler makes the job easy. We have the strongest wood glue on the market and our formulations are designed for projects inside and outside the home.

ProBond Max Wood Glue Product Details

ProBond Max Wood Glue is pourable and comes in 118mL, 236mL, 473mL and 3.8L.

  • The only wood glue on the market that is both waterproof and stainable.

  • Durable wood glue formula that doesn’t mold or mildew and is resistant to heat.

  • Great for multi-piece projects where you need wood glue that takes a longer time to set.

  • The strongest wood glue available

ProBond Max Wood Filler Details

Our wood fillers are developed with homeowners in mind to be easy to apply and work with. We have a variety of wood filler products to meet your specific requirements:

  • Available in a variety of tint colours for both interior and exterior projects.

  • Solvent free and can be cleaned up with water.

  • Can be use with high speed sanders and can be painted or stained.

  • Contractor grade strength: weather resistant and no shrinking or cracking

Elmer’s understands the importance of helping consumers become confident that they can complete repair projects on their own. We have the strongest wood glue and contractor-grade wood filler products that are not only professional grade strength but also easy to use for any home project!

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