Shim Mirror

Shim Mirror

Created by Meg

Easily transform ordinary items from the hardware store into this unique and inexpensive mirror.

Skill Level: 1 of 5

Materials Needed:

•   A circle mirror and frame

•   At least 40 shims (depending on the size of your mirror)

•   Dark stain

•   Small square of plywood

•   Two (2) thumbtacks and a bit of wire.

•   Elmer’s ProBond Advanced Glue

•   Elmer’s ProBond Max Wood Glue


Step 1: Stain shims.

Step 2: Lay out a design. This design was created the same on four sides, then a design was created to go in between those.

Step 3: Carefully glue the pieces to each other with ProBond Max Wood Glue. The wood pieces should glue flush in most places.

Step 4: Cover with a board or the mirror and put something heavy on it to dry. Let dry overnight.

Step 5: Use the ProBond Max Wood Glue to attach a small square of plywood to the back, just big enough to cover the edges of the shims.

Step 6: Carefully flip the entire piece over and use ProBond Advanced Glue to attach the mirror to the wood

Step 7: Once the mirror is in place, put something heavy on it and let it dry for at least 24 hours to let both sides dry.

Step 8: To make a hanger, take a thin wire and make two small loops on either side and tack them to the side of the plywood piece.