DIY Frame Turned Tray

Frame Turned Tray

Created by Jenna Burger

Complete a tabletop vignette with an eye-catching tray. Created from a standard frame and cabinet pulls, this simple DIY project becomes the perfect addition to your home décor.

Skill Level: 1 of 5

Materials Needed:

•   Picture frame with a flat, simple edge

•   Metal Cabinet Pulls

•   Family picture, kids’ artwork, scrapbook paper or left over wallpaper

•   Elmer’s ProBond Advanced Glue


Step 1: Apply ProBond Advanced to metal cabinet pull.

Step 2: Glue cabinet pull in the center of one side of the frame surround. Repeat on the other side.

Step 3: Let dry according to package directions.

Step 4: Fill frame with your choice of paper or photo.

Step 5: Style your tray with accessories and enjoy!