Decorative Plastic Window Panels

Decorative Plastic Window Panels

Created by Lindsay Ballard |

Bring light and color into any room by creating faux stained glass windows. Elmer’s ProBond Advanced® makes gluing mixed materials easy and mess-free.

Skill Level: 1 of 5


•   *Note: amount and lengths of pieces of wood, plastic, and plexiglass depends on window size and number of windows

•   Brightly colored decorative plastic panels

•   Plexiglass

•   Aluminum strips

•   1" x 3" lumber

•   220-grit and 600-grit sandpaper

•   Elmer’s ProBond Advanced Glue


Step 1: Build a frame for your plastic panels using 1x3 lumber cut to the dimensions of your window. Screw lattice trim around the edges, so that the panels fit in like a picture frame. Screw a sheet of plexiglass to the 1 x 3’s, so that the panels do not bend or sag. (The lattice should be the same thickness as the plexiglass + plastic panels).

Step 2: After assembling the frames, carefully cut the panels with a plastic cutter so that they fit neatly inside.

Step 3: Screw more 1x3’s on top of the frame to sandwich the panels.

Step 4: Next, you will need aluminum strips cut to the length of the wood around your frames. Clean the strips of aluminum with rubbing alcohol to remove any grease.

Step 5: Use Elmer’s ProBond Advanced to glue the aluminum strips on top of the wood. (This will give the appearance that the frames are made out of aluminum).

Step 6: Tape or clamp the frame in order to hold glue in place and let dry. (24 hrs. is recommended for the strongest bond, but you may want to let the project sit for a few days before handling).

Step 7: After the glue is dry, rub aluminum with 220-grit and 600-grit sandpaper to take the look from shiny to brushed.

Step 8: Screw two eye hooks into the top of the frames, so you can hang them in the windows.

Step 9: Hang and enjoy your colorful, new window panes!